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Accent Reduction & Speaking Lessons

Perfect your pronunciation and reduce your accent, master advanced grammar, or strengthen your comprehension skills. No matter your goal, we'll provide you with a certified English instructor qualified to help you achieve your goals. With proven tips and strategies designed to help you enhance your communication skills, we're here to help.  Get in touch today. Control the language tomorrow.


Since 2017, Jack Hahn has provided English lessons and writing services for individuals from all over the world. He initially received his teaching certification (CELTA) in Bogotá, Colombia where he taught both business and general English while learning Spanish.

Currently based in Mexico, Jack still considers himself a student of Spanish. He understands firsthand the unique challenges that present themselves when learning a language. Equipped with all of the tools necessary, he's ready to help you overcome any challenges related to communication.

Book a session with Jack today to discuss grammar, pronunciation, writing, listening comprehension, or any other areas, and watch your confidence soar.



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